Icthus Pens: Fine Handcrafted Writing Instruments and Other Wood Creations

Our Company

Icthus pens came about as a way for me to provide financial aid to friends, church members, and other organizations.  Some have called it a ministry, but for me, it is simply a way to return to God a a greater portion of what is really his anyway.  It provides me with the opportunity to provide to people resources at a greater level than I would have been able to with my regular job.

The Icthus, <><,  is the Greek word for the fish.  The fish symbol was adopted by early Christians as a secret sign, due to persecution, for identifying one another.  The fish symbol was chosen because, in the original Greek, the letters stand as an acrostic for  "Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior".   An acrostic is a poem whose initial or last letters can be put together to form a word or message. 

There was also another reason why the icthus was an appropriate visual for early Christians.  All Christians are asked by Jesus to be "fishers of men".  This was a very difficult thing to do under persecution as anyone you approached could denounce you as a Christian to the local authorities.