Icthus Pens: Fine Handcrafted Writing Instruments and Other Wood Creations

Each handcrafted item is priced based on the level of difficulty of a specific product, the cost of the wood or kit, and/ or any special orders.  Wood pens made of burls, Snakewood, and Olivewood are typically more per item due to the expense of these woods.

Large Kaleidoscopes $85  (if wood type is more expensive, then cost may be more, please call to check)

Wand Kaleidoscopes $40 (If wood types is more expensive, then cost may be more, please call to check)

Eggoscope with stand (Kaleidoscope shaped like egg)  $45   (if wood is more expensive cost may be more)

Segemented Pens made from different woods may vary in price depending on complexity of the design.  However, the segmented pen entitled "Exotic Mix" is the cheapest segmented pen at $35.00.  The Herringbone and other designs are more expensive due to the amount of time required to assemble.

Pens and related items:

Ballpoint Pens:          $32.00. 

Fountain pens           $42.00

Letter openers         $27.00

Workshop Pencils    $42.00

Twist pencils             $32.00

Push top pencils $ 32.00  (I have to put a disclaimer on these.  They are available but they sometimes require some "tender. loving care" as the tips can become clogged or the mechanism may need to be cleaned out in order for them to continue to work properly.  After swapping some mechanisms out free of charge to current customers, it did not take me long to loose money on this particular item, but I am intent on maintaining customer satisfaction.  I can swap the mechanisms out, but there is 5.00 charge per mechanism replaced.)

Bottle stopper/ corkscrew  $27.00 (this is a single item but it will serve both stopper and corkscrew functions)

Sets are: (if one of the more expensive woods or burls is used,  the same pricing applies as stated above)

     Ballpoint pen and a letter opener       $58.00
     Ballpoint pen and a pencil                 $58.00
     Fountain pen and letter opener          $68.00
     Fountain pen and Ball point pen         $68.00
     Fountain pen and pencil                    $68.00

Special Accessories
    Wooden centerband on pens     $5.00 each -  made from the wood of your choice

Colored Inlay on pens  $3.00 for each band of inlay  
   Color choices are:  Tourquoise-blue, green and yellow , pastel red,  yellow, antler dust, and a variety of gem stones

The cost for engraving is $10.00 per item, pen, pencil, etc., engraved.  This is an out-sourced service cost and I simply pass the cost on to the purchaser.  There is no extra cost beyond what it costs me to have it done.

Bowls, Vases, Goblets, Nested Eggs, Round Boxes, etc.  may vary in cost due to type of wood, amount of figure, size, etc.  Prices for bowls are listed separately at top of each picture along with the sizes of each item..