Icthus Pens: Fine Handcrafted Writing Instruments and Other Wood Creations

Products & Services

Each handmade item made from 24K gold (unless otherwise requested) and the item is turned from a block of wood with the approximate dimensions of 3/4 square by 5 in. 

Pens can be requested from a variety of exotic and domestic woods.  The most common types of wood used include the following:

Olivewood (from Israel, usually Bethlehem)         Blackwood (Africa)
Pink Ivory   (Africa)                                               Maple Burl (North America)
Amboyna Burl (Southeast Asia)                           Box elder (North America)
Purpleheart                                                         Magnolia (North America)
Paduak (Africa)                                                     Narra  (Southest Asia)
Yellowheart                                                         Honduran Rosewood ( Central America)
Bacote (Central America)                                     Chechen
Ziricote                                                                 Makore
Cocobola (Central America)                                 Bulbinga
Buckeye Burl (North America)                             Ipe (aka. Brazilian Ironwood)
Afzalia wood, xlay, and burl                               Thuya Burl (Southeast Asia)
Kingswood                                                           Lignum Vitae (Jamaica or Argentina)
Tulipwood                                                            Lacewood (Australia)
Bois de Rose                                                       Brown and Red Mallee (Austrailia)
Katalox                                                                If you don't see the particular wood that you are interested
Banyan (Jamaica)                                                 in, please ask
Desert Ironwood (North America)                                                                      
Snakewood (Australia)                                        Ancient Kauri (oldest workable wood, 30-50,000 yr old
Camphor burl  (North America)                           Deer Antler pens are also available

To get look at what some of the following exotic woods look like, please visit my "Catalogue" page or you can visit http://www.hobbithouseinc.com/personal/woodpics/

Each handmade Item can be engraved.  I do not charge extra for engraving; however, since I have to out-source this particular service, I do pass on my cost from the engraver to the purchaser.  This is $10.00 per item engraved. 

Segmented pens made of a variety of different exotic and domestic woods are available upon request.  Depending on the complexity, these may vary in price.  Please ask about a specific design.  The Exotic Mix pen is $35.00 and will be the least expensive segmented pen.

Engraved office nameplates with slots for pens and other items (usually a pen and letter opener) are available also.